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car cigarette lighter charger
  • Special Features : Suitable For All Digital Devices
  • Output : Output 1: QC3.0 / 5v:3.1A / 9v:2.1A /12v:1.8
  • Output : OUTPOT 2,3,4 : AUTO ID 4A
  • Connection Type : with wire


Car Cigarette Lighter ChargerBLB-129 is a widely used product from mpBLBERRI company. Cigarette Lighter chargers are an efficient tool for charging mobile phones, tablets, cameras and…

The only way to charge electronic devices you do not have access to an electrical outlet or power bank, is to use a Car Cigarette Lighter Charger in the car when you are traveling or doing various things in the city.

These small chargers easily convert 12 to 24 volts of car power to 5volts power to charge your phone and other devices by connecting to the car lighter socket.


BLB-129  Car Cigarette Lighter Charger has four output ports and 7amps electricity current.

available in White and Black colors.

The orange port of this charger uses Qualcomm technology and has electricity current equal to 3amps. Which charges the phone in a short time. To use this feature, your phone must also support Qualcomm 3.0.

The other three outputs are AUTO-ID and their current is 2 amps and they adjust it depending on whether your device needs a current of 1 amp or 2 amps.

BLB-129 Allows you to connect four devices to the charger at the same time but Obviously, charging speed will be reduced to some extent if all 4 output ports are used simultaneously.

Car Cigarette Lighter Charger BLB-129 is made of plastic and the design has textures similar to leather.

This Car Cigarette Lighter Charger comes with a LIGHTNING or TYPE-C or MicroUSB cable.

The length of the cable is one meter and the cover is made of plastic material. There are two aluminum springs on the sides that hold it firmly inside the lighter port when connected to the car's cigarette lighter port.

Depending on the type of input port of your electronic device or mobile device, you can provide the appropriate cable.

Features that a good Car Cigarette Lighter Charger should have

Comparing the performance of a power bank with a Car Cigarette Lighter Charger does not make sense, but you do understand the importance of a Car Cigarette Lighter Charger when your power bank is also low on energy.

Each model of Car Cigarette Lighter Charger has special features that make them unique from other models.

There are 4 main factors to choose your required Car Cigarette Lighter Charger.

1-      Number of charger output ports

2-      Fast charging capability

3-      Charger input and output electricity current

4-      Body resistance and appearance features of the charger

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Special FeaturesSuitable For All Digital Devices
OutputOutput 1: QC3.0 / 5v:3.1A / 9v:2.1A /12v:1.8
OutputOUTPOT 2,3,4 : AUTO ID 4A
Connection Typewith wire