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Power Bank 5000mAH

About power bank

In the present age with the advancement of technology, we use smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, etc for long hours.The most common problem with using smart devices is that the battery runs out.

Buying a power bank is one of the best ways to solve the problem of not having a battery charge when you do not have access to an electrical outlet in various situations such as traveling or working outside the home and office.

important factors

The most important factors of a power bank are Capacity and weight .

Between these two factors capacity is the most important factor.

MPBERRI brand offers suitable choices for those who want Powerbank with different capacities to be responsive for the needs of users well.

If you need to use Power Bank constantly, you should use high capacities.


The slimmest power bank produced by MPERRI is model BLB-131, which shows the importance of user needs and comfort. PowerBank 5000mAh BLB-131 easily fits in your bag and even your pocket.


The main inner material of POWER BANK BLB-131 is Aluminium.

The body of this product is made of ABS + plastic and PC (polycarbonate) material, which has a high resistance to impact and heat.

The battery capacity of this power bank is 5000 mAh .

For example, 2200 mAh batteries like iPhone 6 can be charged twice with POWER BANK BLB-131.

you will be able to charge the phone with 2A current and 5V voltage, which is a good charging speed for a power bank.

The dimensions of this product are 13 * 56 * 123 mm and it weighs 109.5 grams


There are four LED lights on the body of the BLB-131 power bank, which show us the power bank charge level, and that makes charge management easier.

Safety standards ofPOWER BANK BLB-131

The chip has an automatic charging on and off

High temperature resistance.

Voltage input and output control

Standard for matching amps and power bank voltage based on amps and phone voltage