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mpBLBERRI Single Ear Bluetooth Headset BLB-312

Single Ear Bluetooth Headset BLB-312

Single Ear Bluetooth Headset BLB-312

If you are a busy person  and You need to answer your calls regularly while doing other things the Single Ear Bluetooth Headset BLB-312 is a capable choice for you .

If you want to buy the best Single Ear Headset, you must first pay attention to the quality of its microphone. A powerful, low-noise microphone can greatly ease your mind about having a quality conversation.

Battery life, ergonomic design, light weight and volume control, and music playback are also important.

The point to keep in mind is that the Bluetooth version of your phone should not be lower than the Bluetooth version of the Headset.

How to use

To sue Single Ear Bluetooth Headset BLB-312, just turn the Headset on and then turn on the blue tooth of your phone and find the name of hands free and easily connect to it.

Avoid storage at high temperatures of 35 ° C / 95 ° F. Such conditions can reduce battery life and make it difficult to use the Bluetooth hands free. Do not expose your hands free to rain or other liquids


Mono Ear Bluetooth Headset BLB-312 has a high charge holding capacity, which you can use for up to 2 hours for talking and listening to music .


All Bluetooth headphones on the market have a rechargeable resource that sits inside the headphone case, and each headphone has a small charge resource inside that can last up to several hours.

To recharge the Bluetooth headphones, simply connect a mains cable to the Power Case according to the charging port of your headphone case, and then plug it in with the adapter.

Bluetooth headphones use low current and low amps, so we recommend charging it with a 1 amp source so that the current does not exceed the current intensity. Otherwise, the headphone case battery may be damaged and even discharged.