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mpBLBERRI Bluetooth Airpods Model BLB-326

Bluetooth Airpods Model BLB-326
  • iteams with : USB type-C
  • Jack : Type-C
  • Call And Music Duration : 2.5 hours per earpod - collectively with the case 14 hours
  • Connection Type : bluetooth V5.0
  • Control pad : Voice , Call , Musice Key Control
  • Battery Life : 40mAh per earpod - 200mAh case power
  • Bluethoo Range : 10 Meters

mpBLBERRI Bluetooth Airpods BLB-326

The Bluetooth Airpods BLB-326 is part of the mpBLBERRI AirPod series, which is available in white and black colors.

The sound quality is amazing.

How to connect

To use Bluetooth AirPods BLB-326, just take out one of ear phones from the case, then turn on the blue tooth of your phone and find the name of device  and easily connect to it.


On the front of charging section there is a LED indicator which shows the situation of Power Case charge to the user.
when the LED points Red color you must recharge the Bluetooth AirPod's Power Case, And when the color of LED turns to blue it means that the charging process is done. You can charge Bluetooth Airpods BLB-326 with the Type C cable that comes with product.


The diameter of the drives of Bluetooth AirPod BLB-326 is 10 mm, which is easily placed in the ear and to some extent prevents the entry of surrounding sounds.

Power Case of BLB-326 uses a 200mAh battery,This product is equipped with two ear-phones,and each one has a 30mAh battery that allows users to listen to music and talk for about 2 houres. You can recharge each one for 20 or 30 minutes and 3 times at all for each one with using the Power Case, This allows users to use the Bluetooth AirPod BLB-326 for total of 8 hours of talking or listening to music for only one time recharging the Power Case.

The capable charger for Bluetooth AirPod BLB-326 is 1 or 2 amps, and more powerful chargers or so-called fast chargers will damage the battery of this Bluetooth handsfree,its recommended that recharge with low voltage adaptors.

How to control

There is a part on each earphone that you just need to touch that part or tap once to answer the call.
to manage the volume of the sound and voice you can Double-click the phone to the right to increase the volume Double-tap the phone on the left to decrease the volume.You can also change the music by three times clicking on the right ear-phone.

مشخصات کلی
iteams withUSB type-C
Call And Music Duration2.5 hours per earpod - collectively with the case 14 hours
Connection Typebluetooth V5.0
Control padVoice , Call , Musice Key Control
Battery Life40mAh per earpod - 200mAh case power
Bluethoo Range10 Meters
Battery Typelithium polymer
Special FeaturesConnect to all bluetooth device
Interfact typeType-C
Sensor Typetouch
MaterialPlastic Case