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mpBLBERRI Bluetooth Headphones BLB-327

Bluetooth Headphones BLB-327
  • سفید
  • مشکی
  • صورتی
  • خاکستری
  • Connection Type : bluetooth V5.0
  • Bluethoo Range : 10 Meters
  • Call And Music Duration : Yes
  • Control pad : Voice , Call , Musice Key Control
  • Battery Life : 40mAh per earpod - 200mAh case power

mpBLBERRI Bluetooth Headphones BLB-327

MpBLBERRI BLB-327 headphones are very powerful Bluetooth headphones with special design and many features for music lovers.

Wireless and cordless headphones are very popular due to their ease of use and special ability to connect to various devices via Bluetooth. With the release of the Bluetooth Headphones BLB-327 headphones, the BELBERRI brand has proven that they are aware of their customer’s desire.


The cups of these headphones are six and a half centimeters and completely cover the ears, preventing the sound of music from reaching the outsideand conversely.

The frequency range of the Bluetooth Headphones BLB-327  is 20-200,000 Hz, which allows them to receive all the bass sounds and play a variety of music styles in full detail.

The driver used in these headphones is 40 mm, which indicates the powerful bass and quality sound of BKB-327 headphones.

The cushions of these headphones are made of soft and comfortable material and their cover is made of skin-compatible material that does not cause allergies. When listening to music for a long time, you will not have any problems and you will not feel uncomfortable.

How to plug and play

The Bluetooth Headphones BLB-327 headset can be connected to various phones and tablets via Bluetooth version 5.0. Its wireless range is up to 10 meters.

If there is no charge in the battery, you can connect it to the phone with the Aux audio cable.You can also use the memory cardthat inserted in the Bluetooth Headphones BLB-327, and listen to music.

Another feature of these headphones is that the cups are foldable, which makes it easier to hold and carry.

About battery

The internal battery of Bluetooth Headphones BLB-327  has a capacity of 350 mAh, with a full battery storage, it can play a music party for 11 hours and be on standby for up to 200 hours.

مشخصات کلی
Connection Typebluetooth V5.0
Bluethoo Range10 Meters
Call And Music DurationYes
Control padVoice , Call , Musice Key Control
Battery Life40mAh per earpod - 200mAh case power