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Silicon Back Case mpBLBERRI for IPHONE 13PRO BLB-152 6.1inch

IPHONE 13PRO 6.1 inch Silicon Back Case
  • Protector : 3D Lens Protector

Silicon Back Case MPBLBERRI for IPHONE 13pro 6.1inch BLB-152

BLB-152 is a quality silicon back cover or mobile case with a classic design and beautiful appearance, which is made of the highest quality PVC products.

The inside of BLB-152 there is a surface made of velvet that it does not create any scratches on the body of your mobile phone.

The material of Silicon Back Case BLB-152 is such that if you draw and write something on it by pen, it will be easily erase and its effect will not remain.

BLB-152 is a suitable back cover for IPHONE iPHONE 13 pro 6.1 inch mini and it is available in Black, Pink, Blue, Jade and Green colors to order.


Advantages of using Back cover and screen protector

It may happen to anyone that their mobile phone falls to the ground due to a small carelessness. Or when we put the mobile phone in a pocket or bag or car dashboard, it will be damaged due to its proximity to other objects.

Back cover and screen protector can be used to prevent damage to the body of the mobile phone and minimize damage.

Types of back covers in terms of construction material

There are different back covers in terms of material, which are mainly made of plastic and petroleum products or metal or leather. Here we want to explain some of them :


Silicone back covers have a jelly form.It has a lot of flexibility and when used in the preparation of phone cases, it sticks around the phone and maintains the original shape and form of the phone.

The gel-like feature of it in thick covers makes it possible to avoid damage of impact to the mobile phone.

Softness, non-slip structure, cheap price, strength and durability are other advantages of silicone back covers.

Plastic phone covers

Plastic is a flexible and durable material that is used in the manufacture of mobile back covers.

Advantage of using plastic in mobile back cover High color variety and cheap price and at the same time its good resistance against impact and scratches.


Polycarbonate belongs to the family of thermoplastic polymers. This material can be widely used in molding and thermal modifications. Polycarbonate is a hard, durable and lightweight plastic material.

High strength and stability, light weight, anti-cracking and crushing are main advantages of using polycarbonate in mobile back covers.


Polyurethane is foam and very light.

Polyurethanes used in the manufacture of back covers and mobile frames are usually found in hard or soft form. It is easily shaped and recyclable.


These frames are made of a combination of two models of soft and hard plastic.Some of them have several layers of plastic.

High strength is one of the main advantages of these frames, but due to the high density of plastic, the weight of them is a little more than other back covers and frames.


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