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Belberi Stereo Cables 3.5mm Aux Male to Male Cable (3M) BLB-293

male to male stereo audio AUX cable

male to male Stereo Audio AUX Cable BLB-293

We need an AUX cable to connect mobile phones and other audio and music players to speakers that have an AUX input port.

MPBLBERRI company has produced durable and quality AUX cables.

One of the most common problems with AUX cables is the destruction of their internal wires. To solve this problem, MPBLBERRI company has used a cotton cover on the wire.


Both tips of the AUX cable BLB-293 have a 3.5 mm jack.

BLB-293 has ability to connect to all types of phones, laptops, TVs, speakers, digital receivers and any other device that has a 3.5 mm input.

The wire length of this AUX model is 3meters and it is available in Black and silver colors to order.

About AUX

AUX cable is a type of audio assist cable that allows you to connect your various players to a speaker or speaker and enjoy the sound quality of your movie or music.

These cables are suitable for almost all players.

The original name of these cables is AUXILARY, which means "assistant", and for convenience we refer to it by the first three letters of the cable name (AUX).

Like many signal transmitting cables, it consists of phase, neutral, and earth conductors.

These filaments are placed in a PVC insulation cover and covered with an aluminum protective layer.

AUX cables normally have two jacks, one connected to the player and the other to the speaker.

Types of AUX cables

3.5 mm cable:

One of the standard models is an auxiliary cable for stereo input and output that can be compatible with any standard and suitable player of this size of jacks.

3.5 mm cables can be used in cars, cell phones, MP3 players, car routers, remote DVD players and other digital audio devices.

Optical AUX:

AUX optical cables or fiber optic cables are a high quality type of AUX that can transmit raw digital signals. Standard 3.5 mm cables, on the other hand, are capable of sending analog converted signals.

Fiber optic cables only work with devices that have fiber optic inputs and outputs