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mpBLBERRI Single Ear Wired Headphone BLB-267

Single Ear iPHONE X Hands-Free

iPHONE X Single-Ear Wired Hands Free mpBLBERRI BLB-267

BLB-267 is a single ear wired Hands-free produced by mpBLBERRI company which is Designed for listening to music and making phone calls, Sound quality of BLB-267 is great and clear.

The design of BLB-267 is simple and flexible that makes it easy to use the hands-free.



BLB-267 is available in White color to order.

Wired Hands Free BLB-267 has Apple iPHONE mobile jack that allows the user to use this hands-free all devices with LIGHTENING output port.

The wire length of BLB-267 hands-free is 120 cm and its material is plastic. The ear-phones are made of plastic too and they are designed to fit the ear ergonomic.

There are call management button and volume buttons that eliminates the need of using the phone for answering the calls and controlling music and sounds volume.


The advantages of using hands free

Listening to musicand making phone calls are integral parts of our lives. sometimes we need to play music or watching movies with our phones and PC or playing video games without making noise.

Using hands-free helps us hear music or it help us to hear the sounds in video games and movies with better clarity and quality. Also, when talking on the phone, if we use hands-free, we have better sound quality and we can do other things at the same time. So buying a good hands-free is part of our needs.

mpBLBERRI company produces different and quality wired hands-free according to the needs of users.


main features of a good hands-free

Sound quality and clarity and suitable atmosphere when playing music

Length and material of wire and material of wire cover

Matching hands-free ear-phones to the anatomy of the human ear

Ability to answer phone calls without touching mobile

beautiful design