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LIGHTNING usb charger and data transfer cable

Ability To Select Wire


MPBLBERRI Company produces high quality and various models of USB cables according to the needs of users. Charger cable and convert USB to LIGHTNING BLB-023 is 200 cm long.

Available in Red, Black, Blue and White colors to order.

USB CHARGER "LIGHTNING" BLB-023 Made of pure copper wire and its cover is made of plastic and the inner surface is covered with metal mesh, which has high resistant and does not cut easily.

BLB-023 cable passes 2.1 amps and charges your phone normally and in standard time.

USB CHARGER "LIGHTNING" BLB-023 can work with all apple products that charge with LIGHTNING cable.

Application of charger cable

Except to charge the phone's battery, Detachable charger cables are commonly used to transfer data from the phone to computer systems.

Importance of quality cable

Using a low-quality charger cable is the most important cause of broken phone batteries. Poor cables are very delicate and fragile and do not meet any quality standards. Sudden discharge of the mobile battery is one of the things that happens if you use a poor quality charger cable.

Poor quality and counterfeit charger cables can become very hot and eventually lead to fire. Poor quality charging cable sockets do not have high resistance and break with the slightest impact.

Poor quality charger cable will damage the phone's charging IC. Failure to charge the phone is one of the simplest signs of a faulty charging IC.

So to prevent damage to the phone charging IC and also for the health of the phone battery, we must use a suitable charger cable.

Types of mobile phone charging sockets

There are different types of rechargeable sockets used in mobile phones and they are different in shape.

For example, Apple iPhones use a dedicated charging socket called Lightning, which cannot be installed on Android phones.

USB Type C

USB Type-C is one of the newest types of charging sockets for Android phones, which is faster than before.

This type of phone charging socket is mostly used in new and high-end Android phones.


The Lightning charging socket is for Apple iPhones and iPads and will only be available on Apple products. This socket cannot be used to charge Android phones.

Micro USB

The most common type of charging socket for mobile phones is the micro USB socket, which is supported by almost 70% of Android phones. This charging socket has been used in Android phones for many years