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all mpBLBERRI Home Charger Is Including a USB Wire

  • Special Features : Suitable For All Digital Devices
  • Output : 2USB outpot 2.4Amper
  • iteams with : USB Micro

About charger

Mobile batteries are rechargeable and you can charge them using the right charger for your mobile battery. The batteries of mobile phones are made of lithium ion and lithium polymer. Lithium ion batteries are currently the best type of batteries that can be used as rechargeable batteries in mobile phones.

Some of the main positive features of lithium ion batteries

High energy density

They will lose very little charge automatically if not used

Convenient maintenance

Types of mobile phone charging sockets

There are different types of rechargeable sockets used in mobile phones and they are different in shape.

For example, Apple iPhones use a dedicated charging socket called Lightning, which can not be installed on Android phones.

USB Type C

USB Type-C is one of the newest types of charging sockets for Android phones, which is faster than before.

This type of phone charging socket is mostly used in new and high-end Android phones.


The Lightning charging socket is for Apple iPhones and iPads and will only be available on Apple products. This socket can not be used to charge Android phones.

Micro USB

The most common type of charging socket for mobile phones is the micro USB socket, which is supported by almost 70% of Android phones. This charging socket has been used in Android phones for many years

Improper and poor quality charger will damage the battery, which is one of the most important parts of your mobile phone hardware, and reduce its useful life. And it causes serious problems for the internal circuits of the mobile phone.

If you have lost your original mobile charger or do not have it with you and you want to use a new charger to charge your mobile battery or you want to buy a new charger, you should note that the voltage and current intensity of the new charger is commensurate with the batteryof your mobile.

MpBLBERRI company has provided the main and standard chargers to maintain the efficiency and health of the phone battery, which provides a suitable amount of voltage.


BLB-111 home chargers BLB-111 chargers come with two USB output ports, the orange output is 2 amps and the green output is AUTO-ID.

Auto-ID adjusts the current level to the amount required by the phone.

Thetotal output current of HOME CHARGER BLB-111 is equal to 3.1 amps, which charges your phone normally and in a reasonable time.


HOME CHARGER BLB-111 has a detachableMICRO-USB wire made of plastic, with a length of 1 meter. You can also use this cable to transfer information between your phone and computer.

A colored iron cover is placed on its body, which has given a special design and shape to this charger.

The adaptor of BLB-111 household charger adapter is made of compressed plastic.

adapter is in the form of three plugs.

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Special FeaturesSuitable For All Digital Devices
Output2USB outpot 2.4Amper
iteams withUSB Micro