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  • Special Features : Compatible With Most Recent Smart Phones
  • Connection Type : Magnetic
  • iteams with : Two Metal Plate
  • Mounting Type : Dashboard, Windshield
  • BASE HOLDER : 3cm

Magnetic holder

One of the most important and main tools that is always with us is our mobile phones. In different situations, we will need our smartphones.

Talking and using a mobile phone while we are driving is dangerous and it is against the traffic rules.

But we often need to answer the cell phone while driving. If we have urgent work, or we are the driver of Uber and Snap and other telephone and online taxis, or if we are navigating in a new city and place, we definitely need to work with mobile phones or make phone calls during the driving time.

But this problem can be solved with the MPBLBERRI’s magnetic car holder BLB-181. By placing this stand in the suitable place , you can easily use your phone's GPS or making calls without using your hands or distraction.

mpBLBERRI magnetic car holder BLB-181 B

in the bottom of magnetic car holder BLB-181 B  , there is a strong adhesive or glue part that will allow you to stick this holder in every flat place you want.

The phone is connected to the holder by a magnet and there is no need to worry about the phone detaching from the holder.


One of the main features of magnetic car holder BLB-181 B  is the ability to rotate in 360-degree. With this feature, users can use their mobile phone at the desired angle. This is for the convenience of the users.

Due to the beautiful and small design of this product, you can easily use this product anywhere.

ABS plastic is used in the construction of the body of magnetic car holder BLB-181 B  that has a high impact resistance. It's durable design and construction noted.

magnetic car holder BLB-181 B  is designed in the dimensions of 6*7 cm. You can use this product to hold 3.5-inch to 6.5-inch phones.

If you are looking for quality products, we suggest you buy this phone holder.

مشخصات کلی
Special FeaturesCompatible With Most Recent Smart Phones
Connection TypeMagnetic
iteams withTwo Metal Plate
Mounting TypeDashboard, Windshield