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(mpBLBERRI Wired Mouse BLB-150 (B

Wired computer mouse

MPBLBERRI Mouse Model BLB-150B

BLB-150B is a mouse produced by MPBLBERRI company, which is offered in high quality and various colors.

users can easily use this product in their normal and professional activities because it has Excellent performance and great comfort with high quality construction of internal and external parts.

This mouse connects to the devices via a USB output port.

BLB-150B’s USB is compatible with Mac and Windows and LINUX operating systems.

For connecting the USB to system you must only Plug it in USB input ports and system will easily recognize the mouse.

High quality product and the most reasonable price.


The BLB-150B mouse sensor is an optical type that uses an LED light to track motion and requires a none-transparent surface to move

BLB-150B’s CMOS sensors captures 1500 images per second.

DPI stands for Dots per inch and it points the sensitivity of the mouse.

Generally about computer mouse

The mouse is a component of computer and even laptop accessories and has a huge task in the process of your comfortable use of computer and laptop.

Types of mouse

Wireless mouse

Wired mouse

Features of a mouse:

Mouse sensitivity:

Ability to move accurately and quickly. In fact, the term is known as DPI, and the higher the DPI of a mouse, the less you shake the mouse.

Reaction and response time:

The shorter the reaction time, the better the mouse.


Means the lifespan of a mouse. It is actually the number of clicks.