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mpBLBERRI Bluetooth Mini Earphone BLB-157

Bluetooth Mini Earphone BLB-157
  • Special Features : Connect to all bluetooth device
  • Connection Type : bluetooth V5.0
  • Battery Life : 60mAh per earpod - 300mAh case power

mpBLBERRI Bluetooth Mini Earphone BLB-157

BLB-157 is from  fourth generation of Bluetooth handsfrees from mpBLBERRI company, which has been offered with a different design and new capabilities.

The capacity of Bluetooth Mini Earphone BLB-157  AirPod equals to its previous generation . it has an intelligent noise removal system that dynamically controls the surrounding sound level and delivers high quality sound to the user's ears.

As we said this generation of Air-pods are similar to the previous generation in case of design , In this way, two wireless Air-Pods next to a charging compartment to hold the ear-phones. And there is a charge that is smaller than the previous model and is easier to move due to its light weight.


on the front of charging section there is a LED indicator which shows the situation of back-case charge to the user.
when the LED points Red color you must recharge the Bluetooth AirPod's back-case, And when the color of LED turns to blue it means that the charging process is done.

Bluetooth Mini Earphone BLB-157 has also a port to charge with lightning cable for those users who interested to recharge the AirPod with wire.

mpBLBERRI has made minor changes in Bluetooth Mini Earphone BLB-157  For example, the height of the AirPod Pro has been shortened, and at the same time the driver section inside the ear has been enlarged to perform better for noise cancellation and moisture resistance.

Advantage of dynamic noise cancellation system is ability to control the surrounding sound.

The surrounding sound is isolated while playing audio content, but the user can hear them very quickly with a small gesture on the AirPod and no longer need to remove the ear-phones from their ears.

For this AirPod, two microphones are used inside the headphones. The first microphone is facing outwards and analyzes the ambient sound by detecting the external sound and then eliminates the ambient noise before it reaches the user's ear by creating equivalent anti-noise. But the second microphone isfacing-in the ear-phone and removes the noise detected by this microphone.

Transparency is another feature and advantage of this AirPod , The dual transparency mode on the AirPod allows you to call up ambient sound when needed, such as listening to street sounds and surrounding events.

The battery capacity of Bluetooth Mini Earphone BLB-157  is 300mah, and each ear phone can play music for 3 hours on a single charge, and allows users to make phone calls for more than 3.5 hours.

The battery life of Bluetooth Mini Earphone BLB-157  is similar to that of the Bluetooth AirPod BLB-159, except that it is smaller and less-visible.

The sound quality of Bluetooth Mini Earphone BLB-157 is better than regular Air-Pods .

The Bluetooth Mini Earphone BLB-157  controller is one of the parts improved over the past. Users can use the pressure sensor to Play or pause music or answering the incoming call with just one click or going to next song with 2click or coming back to previous song with 3 clicks.

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Special FeaturesConnect to all bluetooth device
Connection Typebluetooth V5.0
Battery Life60mAh per earpod - 300mAh case power