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mpBLBERRI Wired Keyboard BLB-300

Computer Wired Key Board

MPBLBERRI PC key board BLB-300

If you are a user of computers, you need a good and handy key board that can ease your work and it must be a quality keyboard that it does not break easily.

MPBLBERRI company produced a Handy key board that its design is simple but it’s very useful for those who work with computers very much.

Key board BLB-300 will not break easily and the keys are similar to other high quality mechanical key boards.


The rubber under the buttons are made of durable and flexible material. You can use the keyboard for many years and be comfortable with the health of the buttons and the rubber under them.

The buttons are designed in such a way that you can easily remove them and clean them.

You can type for hours with this keyboard and play the games without bothering or getting tired.

BLB-300 is suitable key board for Gamers and Typists who want a high quality key board that Has a reasonable price and long life.

About key board

There are several types of keyboards on the markets. Due to their properties, they are used for various tasks.

Good keyboard features for typing and gaming

There are several factors involved that make a keyboard suitable for typing or gaming. Items such as button height, button softness, sensitivity and…

Suitable shape

The proper typing style should be such that you just press the ‌ buttons by moving your fingers. That is, the wrist should be placed in a fixed place so that the hand does not get tired after a long time

Button model

The model of the keyboard buttons as well as the height of the buttons from the main body of the keyboard should be considered so that the user can have the best performance during the typing or playing games.