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mpBLBERRI Bluetooth Headphones Necklace BLB-K335

Bluetooth Headphones Necklace BLB-K335
  • Jack : Micro
  • Special Features : Connect to all bluetooth device
  • Connection Type : bluetooth V5.0
  • Control pad : Voice , Call , Musice Key Control
  • Battery Life : 60MAH
  • iteams with : USB Micro

About BLB-K335

Bluetooth Headphones Necklace BLB-MH- K335 is a product of MPBelberi Company, which is designed for doing exercise and its shape is designed to round the neck.

This product is designed in such a way that you do not feel any weight on your neck


The two tips of hands free are made from compact plasticand It has high strength against impacts. This hands free design is similar to apple popular hands frees.

the shape of this product is designed in such a way that it allows you to easily use it in every situations.

the ear phones of Bluetooth Headphones Necklace BLB- K335 are designed to be in-ear. This design makes the earphones fit better in the ear so you do not have to worry about them falling out of the ears.


The control unit is mounted on the wire of the Bluetooth Headphones Necklace BLB-K335 hands free.
users can control with 3 physical keys that are responsible for changing music and volume, managing calls and playing and stopping music.


BLB- K335 head phone’s weight is 15 grams.

on the each of earphones there is a thicker plastic part that Maintains its symmetrical form and balance.
So that you can use it without moving and tilting the head phone to one side, this feature brings attention to the performance of MP BLBERRI company.

in making the Bluetooth Headphones Necklace BLB- K335 head phone makers use an HD microphone that filters call noise and increases the quality and clarity of talking.

This head phone comes with a micro USB charging cable and a pair of silicone earphones in different sizes .You can use a headset that fits your ear size.


The BLB- K335 Bluetooth head phone has an internal battery with a capacity of 60mAh. It allows you to listen to music or talk or playing games for about 4 hours .at the same time, the volume of the sound with which you listen to music is not ineffective  .with a charging wire to charge the hands free you need 2 hours charging .

How to connect

The only way to connect to Bluetooth Headphones Necklace BLB- K335 is Bluetooth. Its Bluetooth version is version 5.0. The advantage of Bluetooth version 5.0 over 4.2 is that it provides a more stable connection. this hands free can support 10 meters range with blue tooth easily.

مشخصات کلی
Special FeaturesConnect to all bluetooth device
Connection Typebluetooth V5.0
Control padVoice , Call , Musice Key Control
Battery Life60MAH
iteams withUSB Micro