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mpBLBERRI Apple iphone 7/8 Plus Tempered Glass BLB-149

Apple iphone 7/8 Plus Tempered Glass

Apple iPHONE 7/8 PLUS Tempered Glass BLB-149

MPBLBERRI company has produced strong and heated screen protectors that they have the ability to protect the screen of the phone against hits with a power of 11H and they do not break easily.

These screen protectors are very clear and maintains the quality and resolution of the phone screen or wallpaper well and they would not cause negative effects on mobile screens.

The iPHONE 7/8 PLUS screen protector BLB-149 is a microcrystalline protector with high transparency more than 98% and resistance equals to 11H.

BLB-149 has Quality silicone layer and it will be set on your phone screen without any air bubbles.

Perks of using Back coverand screen protector

It may happen to anyone that their mobile phone falls to the ground due to a small carelessness. Or when we put the mobile phone in a pocket or bag or car dashboard, it will be damaged due to its proximity to other objects.

Back cover and screen protector can be used to prevent damage to the body of the mobile phone and minimize damage.

Screen protector

Phone screens are the most vulnerable part of mobile phones. Smartphone screens are easily scratched and smashed.

The cost of repairing screens is usually very high and They may not be as well as the first day. Using a screen protector for smartphones is Necessary.

Features of a good scree protector

There are several factors to choose a good screen protector. We will mention the important factors here:

Hardness 9H or more

The term usually means that if we try to draw some lines with a hard pencil (hardness=9h that is the most hardness in pencils) on the screen protector, no scratches remain.

Transparency and uniformity

No one wants a screen protector that reduces the transparency and contains air bubbles on screen.

Easy to set

One of the user’s problems with screen protectors is setting the protector on screens. A good screen protector will be install easily.